Research & Development
•Application oriented
•Full analytical and physical technical capabilities
- 7 day turnaround existing
- 14 day for full IR
(8 oz sample needed)
•Problem analysis and troubleshooting

Development and Testing Methods
•Viscosity - Brookfield Thermocel
•Softening Point - Ring and Ball and Mettler
•Polyken Tack - Mechanical and Digital (Both TMI machines)
•180 degree peel - Twing Albert
•Release and Adhesion Tester (TMI)
•Gardner Color
•Open Time and Set Time
•Static Shear Time
•Shear Adhesion Failure Temperature
•Cyclic testing in alternate moist and dry conditions
•FTIR Infrared analysis
•12 inch lab coater
•24 inch Union Tool Hot melt Coater
•Instron Tester
•Solids Testing
•PH Testing

ACS (Adhesive Consulting Services)
•Identify process wastes and provide recommendations for increased line efficiencies resulting in decreased life cycle costs
•Simplify plant operations by eliminating need for multiple adhesives products (strategic sourcing)
•Create customized solutions to meet specific environment conditions (existing equipment, plant processes, etc.)

Product Conversion
•Perform Assessment using MECP form
•Make Product Recommendation
•Trial Product
•Continue Product Testing & Causal Analysis throughout life of product

Electronic Capabilities
•ERP system capable of providing access to orders, invoices and electronic payments
•Procurement Cards Accepted

Measuring Performance
KPIs - We keep it simple
  1. Quality - fiber tear sampling
  2. On time delivery - order delivered on time
  3. Order Accuracy - is the product shipped the product ordered
  4. Fill Rate - rate in which complete orders are shipped
  5. Support - responsiveness


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